MACDC Hires New Director of Advocacy

February 11th, 2015 by

MACDC is thrilled to announce that David Bryant has joined our staff as the new Director of Advocacy. David has more than twenty-five years of experience in policy development, legislative strategy, and governmental relations and advocacy, including as the Director of Government Relations for The Trustees of Reservations, one of the nation’s first regional nonprofit conservation organizations. In addition to his government relations work, David has advised a range of entities –small startup companies, political campaigns, regional and national nonprofits – on strategies for communications, organizational development, public policy advocacy, economic development, and advancement.  He has served on a number of nonprofit boards, including the Charles River Watershed Association, the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities (Mass Humanities), Generations Inc., and the Cambridge-Ellis School.

“David is a great addition to our team,” commented Joe Kriesberg. “We’re excited to have him representing CDCs and the community economic development movement at the State House. With a new legislative session just beginning, this is the right time to bring a well-respected advocate onto our team to help champion our issues.”

Welcome aboard, David!

CHECK OUT MACDC's complete board and staff listing.

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MACDC's Letter to Boston 2024

February 6th, 2015 by

On February 4th, MACDC sent a letter to Richard Davey, President and CEO of Boston 2024. The letter, while neither supporting, nor objecting to the Olympics being held in Boston in ten years, highlighted four main areas of focus: Housing, Transportation, Economic Opportunity and Community Engagement. Each of these issues is critical to ensuring the Olympics create long-standing benefits for the region and expand opportunities for everyone.

CLICK HERE to read MACDC's Letter to Boston 2024

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Sign the T4MA Petition & Give Voice to Your Transportation Fatigue!

February 6th, 2015 by

The snowstorms over the past two weeks have crippled Eastern Massachusetts' transportation services, blocked roads and made for a completely treacherous and lengthy commute to work and school. The exteme weather has exposed how much work we have to do to repair and rebuild the Commonwealth's transportation infrastructure.

Sign the T4MA Petition and let our elected officials know how frustrated you are with the current condition of our roads and transit system.

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