Authored by Edison Ribeiro
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Remarks by a small business owner

April 30th, 2019 by Edison Ribeiro

I’ve been working in the construction business for over 15 years. Starting as an apprentice while I was attending the Madison Park High School to journeyman under a different company, to owning my own business.

Two years ago, I needed some assistance and confidence to make my dream of owning my own business come to life. My mentor, Arnold Johnson of Crosswinds Enterprises, invited me to explore JPNDC, a community-based nonprofit that holds programs for small businesses looking to succeed in the community.

At JPNDC, I met Carlos Espinoza, the director of Small Business Services who has become my go to guy throughout this journey. Carlos started off by assisting me with writing my business plan, the layout of how I saw my business into existence today, and has helped me break barriers that challenged me to becoming a business owner.

From there Carlos has assisted me into programs targeted towards managing, bookkeeping, accounting, resources to capital and credit repair. All of these hold great importance into managing a successful business. Through the Small Business Technical Assistance Program, provided through JPNDC, it allows entrepreneurs as myself to network with successful business owners and vendors within the community. The program provides you with a mentor who has direct experience in the field and business world. Arnold Johnson has continued to mentor me along with several others within the program.

This joint effort has made it possible for me to hire six residents from the community into my business, which in return has allowed me to take on additional jobs and responsibilities. It has also given me the opportunity to give back by taking on a student from South Eastern Vocational High School through the co-op program.

Through the mentorship, business support programs, and networking, the program has also allowed me to make relationships and in return, turn those relationships into new jobs. And I believe others within the program could say the same.

I am confident that with the continued support of the program and my mentor I will continue to succeed and grow as a small business owner in Boston. I believe additional support to JPNDC, from the community, city and state will also help double or even triple these opportunities for myself, along with several other small business owners within the community and the city. 

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