Member Benefits & Application



  • Peer Learning Groups: MACDC convenes peer groups so that CDC staff can learn from each other. Here are the peer groups that we are currently staffing:
  1. The Boston Committee for CDCs in Boston 
  2. The Community Investment Tax Credit
  3. The Housing Peer Group for CDC real estate development staff 
  4. The Organizers Peer Group
  5. The Resident Services Coordinators Peer Group 
  6. The Small Business Peer Group for CDCs providing T.A.  and loans to small businesses 
  7. Western Mass. Peer Group for CDCs in Western MA 
  8. Foreclosure Counselor Peer Group 
  • Policy Committee: You can play a role in deciding how MACDC represents you on important policy issues by participating in the Policy Committee. MACDC’s policy work is guided by its Members.  The MACDC Board, and staff, rely on recommendations from the Policy Committee for direction and priority-setting. Contact David Bryant for more info.
  • Early notice of opportunities created by emerging public policies, new government programs, and new funding opportunities.
  • Discounts for select Mel King Institute Trainings
  • Discounts for Third Sector New England’s trainings
  • MACDC’s Group Sponsored Insurance Program leverages the collective buying power of multiple CDCs to secure high quality insurance coverage at reasonable rates. The program includes property and casualty insurance for all real estate, D&O insurance, worker’s compensation and other lines of insurance. It does not offer health insurance or other employee benefits. Contact Emily Haber for more info.
  • Technical Assistance from MACDC staff on a wide range of topics including, but not limited to: CITC, Fundraising, Strategic Planning, Executive Transition, Real Estate, Small Business and Community Organizing.
  • Ad Hoc convenings on special topics in response to member requests
  • Public Relations: MACDC highlights the great work you are doing and amplifies your own PR efforts. Let us know about your events and achievements and we will promote them through our Notebook and social media channels.
  • The opportunity to recognize staff, board and community leaders through the Community Development Awards

How to Join MACDC:

MACDC has two categories of membership: CDC (or voting) Members and Associate Members. An organization can apply to be either a CDC member or an associate member. An organization cannot be an associate member if it qualifies as a CDC (voting) member.

Membership Dues

  • Membership dues for voting members range from $50 to $5,000, depending upon the size of the organization. The dues are equal to 1/2% of the CDC's annual payroll.
  • For Associate Members, dues range from $50 to $400, depending on the number of fulltime employees the organization has. Organizations with 0 or 1 FTE (Full Time Employee) will pay $50, organizations with 2 - 5 FTEs will pay $200, organizations with 6 - 10 FTEs will pay $300, and organizations with 11 or more FTEs will pay $400.