Advocacy for CDCs

MACDC advocates on behalf of our members and the communities they serve to create the public and private sector policies that will promote community development throughout the state. MACDC focuses particular attention on state policy, which is critical to the success of CDCs and other community based non-profit organizations. MACDC's top priorities generally focus on affordable housing, small business development, community development, and asset development policies. We maintain an active presence in the Massachusetts State House and sponsor an annual "Lobby Day" that typically attracts 200 or more CDC leaders and allies to the State House. We also engage local CDC staff, board members and volunteer leaders to participate in the policy making process. While we spend most of our time working on state policy, we also advocate for similar policy supports at the federal level and with the City of Boston where nearly one-quarter of our members operate. MACDC's policy efforts do not stop at the State House. Once legislation is passed, we work diligently to ensure its speedy and effective implementation by state agencies. We advocate for regulations and guidelines that will most effectively support CDCs and other community based non-profit organizations serving lower income communities and families.