The MACDC Racial Equity Pledge

Welcome to the MACDC Racial Equity Pledge webpage! The pledge was launched at our Annual Meeting on November 18, 2021. Please join us by having your organization adopt and sign the racial equity pledge!

CLICK HERE to register for the 11/30 Racial Equity Pledge workshop, where you will learn more about the program overall, be able to ask questions and engage with your colleagues.

Here you will find the following:  

Step by Step Adopting and Signing the Racial Equity Pledge 

Step 1: Bring the Racial Equity Pledge to the board. Note: The pledge document is available on this webpage. 


Step 2: Show the Racial Equity Pledge process video. 


Step 3: Present the pledge to the board using the sample agenda as a guideNote: The pledge is available in a PowerPoint format.  


Step 4: Call for a board vote. Discuss and decide action steps.  Note: This process may take two meetings.  


Step 5: Report back to Shirronda Almeida, Director of MKI at and/or Tiana Lawrence, Program Associate at the MKI at tianal@macdc.orgOnce MACDC is notified about the pledge, we will send the official Racial Equity Pledge logo for your website.