Mission, Vision & Values


MACDC is a membership organization that seeks to build and sustain a high performing and adaptive community development sector that is supported by private and public investment and sound public policies.  We advance racial and economic equity by creating healthy communities where everyone lives in housing they can afford, benefits from economic opportunities and can fully participate in the civic life of their community.

MACDC's Vision for Massachusetts

We envision a Commonwealth of interconnected communities where people of different incomes, ethnicities, races and backgrounds live with dignity and fulfillment. We envision communities that encourage all residents, including once disenfranchised residents, to participate in civic processes that define the physical, economic, educational and cultural characteristics that distinguish these communities. We see a Massachusetts where all people build assets and realize the benefits of a healthy economy which provides full employment at good wages, stable housing at affordable prices, and strong public supports for human needs. We see a community development movement led by a diverse and democratic leadership that is at the forefront, in both substance and process, when determining public policy and development priorities that serve the long-term interests of communities. We envision government and the private sector working in partnership with the community development movement to achieve excellence in the projects we undertake and to promote a true "common wealth" for all who live in Massachusetts.

Core Values Guiding MACDC

Community Leadership: We believe in building the power and leadership of communities in Massachusetts by fostering connections and supporting civic participation by all residents, in particular those who have traditionally had less power such as people of modest income, people of color, immigrants, tenants, youth and the disabled. We believe community residents should have a decisive voice in shaping the future of their communities and their own lives and the ability to create local organizations through which they can work together to achieve common goals.

Economic Opportunity: We believe that everyone deserves a fair and genuine opportunity to participate in the economic mainstream and achieve economic security. This means that we must provide the access and the tools that enable people to succeed and address structural obstacles that prevent many of us from fully benefiting from the economic opportunities available in our communities.

Inclusion: We seek to create inclusive communities where all people are welcomed regardless of their ethnicity, race, income, age or abilities. We seek to create a community development field that is reflective of the people we serve.

Innovation: We value inventiveness, ambition, creativity and the ability to take risks as distinguishing characteristics of the community development field.  We are committed to finding new and innovative ways to achieve our goals in response to the changing context for our work.

Performance and Accountability: We believe in promoting excellence in both process and production.  Our field is defined by our ability to achieve tangible, sustainable results -- new homes, jobs, businesses and investment -- while upholding a participatory and transparent process that ensures accountability to the local community, public agencies, private investors and other stakeholders.

Collaboration: We believe that collaboration is essential to building stronger communities and achieving our vision for greater economic opportunity. We build and sustain local, statewide and national collaborations and networks that enable our members and others to make more efficient use of limited resources while achieving greater impact and addressing regional and national challenges.

Nonprofit Status

MACDC is a 501(c)(3), as designated by the IRS.