The role of CDCs in the Age-Friendly Community Movement

The role of CDCs in the Age-Friendly Community Movement

March 2018
James Fuccione

A movement is gaining momentum in Massachusetts to create livable communities that focus on improving quality of life for older adults, but benefit all residents of all ages.


The goals of Community Development Corporations, as well as the CDC “Theory of Change,” aligns perfectly with those of the Age-Friendly Community Movement. Many cities in towns in Massachusetts are already engaged in this continuous improvement cycle where assessment, action planning, and implementation phases aim to enhance eight “domains” of livability as determined by the World Health Organization.


As CDC are experts in improving social determinants of health, building partnerships between healthcare and the community, and educating the public about the linkage of community development and public health, there is an opportunity to contribute to the success of the Age-Friendly Movement.


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For more on how your CDC can get involved and join the MHAC Advisory Council or regional advisory groups, contact MHAC Senior Director James Fuccione.