MACDC 2022 CITC Impact Awards

This year marks 10 years since the Community Investment Tax Credit was signed into law! To celebrate, we will be presenting the CITC Impact Award to three CDCs that have used the CITC program to have a particularly outstanding and/or innovative impact in their community. To compete for this award, the CDC must submit a video that highlights the program or project. Award recipients will be announced at the convention on October 29 and the winning CDCs will have their videos presented on the Jumbo Tron at Polar Park! We also invite CDC collaborations to apply together for this award.

To participate in this competition, please submit a short, 2-3 minute video that highlights the impact of the CITC program on your community, or a specific program/project that you have launched, or expanded with CITC funding. The program/project highlighted must meet at least one of MACDC’s five strategic priorities:

  1. Build the power and voice of lower-income people and people of color to shape the future of their communities and their own lives;
  2. Expand affordable housing in places where low- and moderate-income people can thrive;
  3. Reduce income and wealth inequality across the state;
  4. Drive the convergence of community development and community health;
  5. Promote racial equity within the field and the Commonwealth.

You can see the winning submissions from the 2018 CITC Video Awards here.

MACDC is assembling an awards committee that will consider several criteria in making these awards, including: 

  • Is this a new or expanded program made possible by CITC funds?
  • Were community residents involved in shaping and/or implementing the program/project?
  • Is this program innovative – something not done before by the CDC?
  • Does your program involve a wide range of stakeholders?
  • Has this program increased the visibility of the CDC?
  • Is this program responsive to a demonstrated community need that otherwise could not be met?

Videos can be recorded on smartphones or by professionals or however you determine. I’ve attached a guide to recording good videos on your smart phone. We will also be hosting an info session which will include information of how to record and edit videos on your smartphone. Stay tuned for more details.

The videos from the three winning CDCs will be shown at the Convention – on the jumbotron at Polar Park! All video submissions may be recognized through social media and on MACDC's website.

To Submit: Organizations must submit the nomination form and a video no longer than three minutes highlighting the impact of the CITC program or a program/project made possible by the program. CLICK HERE to submit your CDC's CITC Award nomination form.

Deadline: Friday, August 26th, 2022

Questions:  For questions, or technical assistance with this project, please contact John Fitterer at or Nadine Sanchara at