MACDC Releases Preliminary GOALs Results for 2013

MACDC Releases Preliminary GOALs Results for 2013

April 2014
Don Bianchi

The MACDC GOALs Initiative highlights the annual achievements of our members in six categories of community development. Results are aggregated from a comprehensive annual, web-based survey, in order to record significant trends and accomplishments over time.

Preliminary Results for 2013:

  • Engaged 2,602 community leaders in building stronger neighborhoods
  • Built or preserved 849 homes, with an additional 728 homes in construction and slated for completion in 2014
  • Created or preserved 4,755 jobs
  • Helped 1,165 entrepreneurs start, grow, or stabilize their businesses
  • Supported 54,380 families with housing, jobs, and other services
  • Attracted almost $420 million worth of private and public investments for community revitalization

Check our GOALs page for more information about the program and data from prior year's reports.