Foundation Doubles Gift with Community Investment Tax Credit

Sailors' Snug Harbor of Boston used the Community Investment Tax Credit to double their grant to Community Development Partnership (CDP) this year! Instead of their normal grant amount, Sailors' Snug Harbor of Boston awarded Community Development Partnership a $30,000 grant, allowing the organization to provide more business programs to the Cape's fishermen and shellfishermen.

When speaking of the Sailors' Snug Harbor of Boston's contribution to Community Development Partnership (CDP), Foundation Administrator Gracelaw Simmons said, "The trustees of Sailors' Snug Harbor of Boston are pleased to continue to support the CDP's work with local fishermen and shellfishermen. The Community Investment Tax Credit is an ideal vehicle for us to double our investment and ensure high quality programs and services remain available to help Cape Cod fishermen and shellfishermen working to survive and thrive in today's highly regulated and competitive market." The Community Investment Tax Credit allowed the foundation to give twice as much support to help meet their philanthropic goals in Massachusetts.

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