Fisherman Starts Anew

Scott Nolan started fishing more than 25 years ago. Setting out from various Cape Cod and MA ports, he focused initially on sea clams, and then scallops. After a decade out of the business, Nolan came to the CDP in the Fall of last year with interest in a Micro Loan to support the retro-fit of a dragger to go sea clamming. According to Nolan, "It was a big project".  Sea clamming involves particular equipment, all of which needed to be outfitted on his newly purchased boat, the Goody Hallet. With business support and financing from the CDP and affordable rate quota from the Cape Cod Fisheries Trust, Nolan is now one of the few local small boats out on the water in this particular fishery. As he said, "We have a little niche."  He also commented, "Things are going quite well right now and we're catching a lot."  When she's not out sea clamming, you can find the 80' Goody Hallet in Provincetown Harbor. Read more about Scott in this article in the Commercial Fisheries News.   

Reprinted with permission of authoring organization Community Development Partnership, a MACDC member, and Scott Nolan.