3 MACDC Members Receive Over $3.2 Million for YouthBuild Programs

3 MACDC Members Receive Over $3.2 Million for YouthBuild Programs

August 2014
John Fitterer

Photo: Congressman Tierney, Mickey Northcutt (CEO of North Shore CDC), and U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Perez


On Wednesday, August 6th, North Shore Community Development Collaborative ($1,100,000), Community Teamwork ($1,067,145) and Just-A-Start Corporation ($1,100,000) were awarded grants by the United States Department of Labor for their YouthBuild programs.  Overall, 71 programs across the country received $73.6 million in funding for their YouthBuild programs, with five organizations in Massachusetts awarded support through this grant round.  These grants will help to sustain and develop critical programming that will provide necessary skills and resources for young men and women who stive to further themselves and advance in the construction fields. Many young adults living in the low- and moderate-income communities in which many CDC operate turn to YouthBuild programs to help them grow into successful adults who are able to not only support themselves and their families, but give back to their communities, and help create the necessary stability for neighborhoods that become thriving communities.

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