10-Year Impact of CDCs in Massachusetts

During the last decade, Massachusetts CDCs have had a lasting impact on the Commonwealth. From affordable housing development and small business assistance to job training programs and leadership engagement, CDCs have strived to improve Massachusetts' cities and towns and ensure opportunities are available for all community residents. From 2004 to 2013, CDCs have:

  • Built or preserved 13,011 homes 
  • Created or preserved 24,567 job opportunities 
  • Helped 15,073 small business owners and entrepreneurs start, grow or stabilize their businesses 
  • Engaged 20,538 community leaders to help shape and guide local neighborhoods 
  • Supported 328,362 families with CDC programs, economic opportunities, housing, job training and other services 
  • Invested $2.9 billion into Massachusetts communities 

MACDC's annual GOALs reports highlights the yearly successes of the community development field in Massachusetts. In this one-pager, data from the past ten years is combined to provide an overview of CDC's impact over the course of a decade. While the state's communities and economy changes and adapts with time, the CDC field continues to demonstrate its depth and commitment to Massachusetts communities.